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We invite you to prayerfully think about how you can contribute to our community's needs in the realms of psychological, emotional, relational, and spiritual growth and well-being.


Whether through educational workshops, wellness retreats, or support groups, our focus is on fostering a caring environment where individuals can find comfort, guidance, and inspiration. Our events and programs are grounded in the values of compassion, empathy, and faith, acknowledging the inherent value and significance of every individual.


All the programs and events we have at Loma Linda University Church through uThrive are made possible by generous donations to this ministry. Sometimes we do have to charge a fee for certain events and programs to cover the costs involved. If you feel led to support us financially, your donations will go a long way in helping us cover expenses for paid events and programs. Plus, it'll also support providing mental health sessions for individuals, couples, and families who may not have a lot of resources or insurance. Every contribution counts, so thank you for considering supporting us!

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